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Securex survey: stress amidst your employees

Belgian employees struggle with excessive stress.  The emotional and physical load weighs heavily on your co-workers and even ends, in a number of cases, in absenteeism or even in burn-out  and affects their productivity and jeopardizes the continuity within your organization.  It is therefore crucial that you look into the causes of this excessive stress.  It’s the first step to tackling this effectively and in a targeted way. 


Stress in your company

We study how your staff members experience stress and stress factors at the workplace.  And we do this from two different angles: we first look at different stress factors and the sources from which your employees draw energy, or in other words, we observe which elements influence stress, positively or negatively.  Our next step is to gauge the stress levels of your staff members.  Looking at stress from these two angles leads us to  targeted suggestions.


The answers your staff members give lead to a score for your company, based on a series of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Stress factors: the work environment, the intensity of work, the workload, inappropriate behaviour and change management.  
  • Energy sources: job and organization, direct management, colleagues, team, autonomy and career path.  
  • Tension complaints: stress, emotions, health, performance. 

Every KPI from the survey obtains its own unique place in the impact diagram.  This illustrates which stress factors and energy sources have the greatest impact on the stress suffered by your employees, enabling a targeted action plan to be established. 

After the survey, you will also receive strategic supportive advice from our consultants to help you in the development of your policies.  They will clarify the figures and tables, and advise you on how best to reduce your employees’ stress level.

Scientific basis

The stress model is based on insights from the JDC Model - (Job-Demand-Control) and the JDR Model (Job-Demands-Resources) or the WEB Model (Work stress factors-Energy sources-Burnout).  It was developed by Securex in collaboration with academics, HR managers, HR consultants, prevention advisors, industrial doctors and Occupational Health specialists.  It takes the most recent scientific literature into account, and uses an extensive national database of benchmarks as a touchstone for your results.