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Securex survey: is your company safe?

Health & Safety legislation requires you to pursue an active Health & Safety policy and to track down and minimise any risks present in your business.  Do you do that?  Because it helps you to reduce workplace accidents and make your employees happier.  And that improves the performance of all your staff members. 

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Tracking risks in your company

The opinion of your staff members about workplace risks is a major source of information for us.  They are given surveys which focus on five different risk areas.  From their responses, we are able to score your company against a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • Job content
  • Working conditions
  • Terms of Employment
  • Labour relations
  • Job organisation


After our investigation, you will be given clear reports and graphs demonstrating the results.  You will also be given advice to support you in the development of your policies.  We will immediately show you where your weak points are and how you should respond.  Our consultants, ergonomists, prevention advisors and company doctors will be permanently available for the implementation of a targeted action plan to eliminate or control risks in any of the five main risk areas. 

Scientific basis

The RIE model was developed by Securex in collaboration with academics, prevention advisors and company doctors.  It uses an extensive Belgian database of benchmarks as comparison points for your results. The model satisfies the most recent legislation in the area.