Large companies

Securex survey: Do your staff members feel committed?

Committed staff members perform better.  They are more satisfied, motivated, business-minded, prepared for change and  more creative.  Plus, they are gladly willing to think about improvements.  Your staff members are the beating heart of your organization.  Thanks to our research, you are able to recognize the origins of their commitment.  And this allows you to give everyone a boost.


Commitment within your company

We start by examining  the work and organizational characteristics that influence commitment, either positively or negatively.  After this, we directly gauge the commitment  level of your staff members.  This double approach allows us to formulate strategic and management targeted suggestions.   

  • Work and organization characteristics:  How is your company experienced by your staff members in the context of their day-by-day job?  We ask them targeted questions focusing on:
    • Job content
    • Working conditions
    • Empowerment
    • Career paths
    • Work intensity
    • Workload
    • Work values
    • Company values and culture
    • Change management
    • Teamwork and colleagues
    • The information transfer
  • Commitment: Are your staff members healthy and strong?  Do they have the optimal work conditions? 
    • Performance: Are your staff members sufficiently motivated, involved in the company and organization and satisfied enough to perform at their best?  Do they think their job makes sense?
    • Excellence: Does each and every one of your staff members raise the general performance of your company with their own hands and efforts? 


Every KPI from the surveys obtains  its own unique place on the impact diagram.  This shows you which work and organizational characteristics have a positive and negative impact  on performance and excellence in your organization.  The link between the two results is quickly and clearly defined. 

Besides this, we grant you insight into the career intentions of your staff members.  We do this with the help of the ZebraZone career predictor.  It predicts the degree to which your organization risks losing staff members in the short term. 

After our survey and research work is completed, you can rely on our consultants for strategic and supportive advice.  They will clarify the figures and tables and give hints on how to increase the commitment value of your staff members. 

Scientific basis

The commitment model was developed by Securex in collaboration with various academics, HR managers, HR consultants and occupational psychologists.  It takes the most recent scientific literature into account, and uses an extensive international database of benchmarks as a touchstone for your results.