Large companies

Securex survey: employee satisfaction

Are your employees happy?  Are they satisfied at work?  Because if they are, they are less likely to go looking for a different field with greener grass!  They are likely to stay with your company for longer, and to work harder.  And in difficult economic times, this is not something you can do without. 


Satisfaction in your company

First, we examine the work and organizational characteristics that have a positive of negative impact on satisfaction. Then, we question your staff members directly about their perceptions of satisfaction.  This double angle enables u to formulate targeted strategic proposals:

  • Work and organizational features: how does your staff member experience your company and his day-by-day work context? We ask him targeted questions about:
    Job content Work environment Empowerment
    Career Work intensity Workload
    Compensation & Benefits Values & culture Change policy
    Teamwork & colleagues Information provision  
  • Satisfaction: Is your staff member satisfied with his organization and his job? Is he happy when leaving for work?


We plot every KPI out on the impact diagram.  It shows us which KPIs have the largest (positive or negative) influence on the satisfaction level of your employees.  The ideal starting point for undertaking concrete actions. 

Extra instrument: you receive a career progress predictor.  It provides you with predictions about the possible departure of your staff members, based on their answers about their career plans.  

After our survey, you will also receive strategic supportive advice from our consultants.  They will clarify the figures and tables and provide clues  on how to improve your employee satisfaction. 

Scientific basis

The satisfaction model is developed in collaboration with occupational psychologists, statisticians, academic works and HR consultants.  It takes into account the most recent scientific literature and uses an extensive Belgian database of benchmarks as comparison points for your results.