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Securex surveys: know what’s really happening in your company

In your search for a stronger HR policy, you’d better not  rely on gut feelings.  When it comes to people, these feelings may prove extremely deceptive.  It’s much wiser to go looking in your organization for scientifically-based information about real-life experience in your business.  Hard details and reliable facts.  Because there are no stronger foundations for a strategic and integrated HR policy. 

Scientific surveys by Securex

Securex surveys put staff perceptions in the spotlight.  What do staff members think of management?  How do they experience stress?  Are they satisfied?  We do this through questionnaires compiled by academics, HR experts, prevention advisors and other specialists.  This approach guarantees reliable results. 

Five employee surveys

We gauge five fundamental perceptions amongst your personnel.  Using the results, we lay bare your weaknesses and sore points and direct you straight to the best ways to help your employees:

The advantages of our standard models?  They are nearly always perfect for your company, use your specific jargon and terms, are easily used as benchmarks and run quickly and efficiently, all while saving you money and more.