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Recruiting and selecting HR talent

Your staff members are the engine of your company.  And as such, it is vitally important that you guide and train them.  Because they are the ones who keep your engine running at full speed.

Securex finds talented and motivated HR staff members for you.  And we guarantee that they will fit perfectly into your company culture.  

Our recruiting and selection process in three steps:

Step 1: Analysis and job description

We analyse your needs and draw up a specific function profile.  For this, we adopt a holistic approach.  It goes further than simply summarising competencies: it brings the perfect match for your company culture to the door.

Step 2: Intensive Search

The competition on the labour market is great.  And HR talent is large game in the hunt for talent.  Securex is an exquisite partner to have on your side when you join the battle:

  • Exclusive HR Profiles – Securex is no classic recruiter.  We are explicitly a HR specialist. Financial and legal profiles?  You won’t find them here.  For the simple reason that we are 100% focused on improving your HR;
  • Extensive database and network – We stay in constant contact with HR personnel from all levels and with different backgrounds.  Furthermore, we are constantly working on our network through events, seminars and outsourcing projects.  Our database comprises more than four thousand readily available HR specialists;
  • Mass distribution – Our network and our database are just the first step.  We eagerly make use of the classic channels, such as employment conventions and fairs, job boards and specialised media.

Step 3: Selecting the perfect personnel

We study all the CV’s and application letters that come to our door and follow up with screening by telephone.  The best candidates receive a competency-oriented interview and are presented with a personality/motivation test.  When necessary, we perform an extended assessment.  This is how you can be sure that your soon-to-be new HR colleague will surpass your expectations.


You receive an extended guarantee when you work exclusively with us.  And after they start, we continue to follow up on your staff member from close by.  This approach clearly pays off, as can be seen by our satisfaction score: after six months, at least 95% of our clients are fully satisfied with their new colleagues.

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