Large companies

Thorough assessment of your staff members

During an assessment, you objectively judge whether a (new) staff member really is suited for the function you have in front of you.  It’s important: anyone who is not in the right place performs at a lower standard.  They suffer and that effects your business.

Assessment at selection, alteration and promotion

Whenever someone makes a large jump in their career, can an assessment be relevant.  Not to bring the staff member’s knowledge into discussion, but to verify whether they have the right competences for professional growth.  And whether they will perform as well in the new role as you expect.

Objective assessment

The assessment method is directed towards a correct and thorough assessment of your staff members.  Of course, this assessment takes into account the accessible function and the context within your company.  And the personality of your candidate plays a primary role.  But we are blind to gut-feelings and other non-established arguments.

Our assessment helps you to get an overview of the competences of your candidate:

  • Competences;
  • Talents and potential for growth and development;
  • Development needs and need for coaching.

Securex is the specialist

We approach your assessment professionally:

  • Clear agreements: strict division of roles, open and direct communication, transparent agreements about budget, etc.;
  • Wrinkle-free process:  respect for timing and agreements;
  • Experience: hundreds of satisfied clients and candidates;
  • Personal approach:  attention to your client as a person;
  • Clear reporting:  an assessment which lets you see who, what and where you are.  

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