Large companies

Work/Life Balance and Integration

We do not see working and living as two separate activities.  And just like all the other parts of life (such as sport, time for family and relationships), a good balance is vitally important.

Our views? Employees who are easily able to switch between working and not-working are happier.  Even while they are busy in a professional capacity.

Make work easier

The technology making flexible working and teleworking possible has arrived.  And from a legal perspective too.  However, the step to such a flexible work culture is not simple.  But Securex is here to help.

Together with you, we produce a policy for distance-working, floating working hours and other forms of flexible work.  We do this with a proven method and with a great deal of attention for the habits and customs of your business.

Trust our specialists

Securex is a specialist in guiding change processes.  We will take your project from the analysis phases.  Of course, your employees and managers are our most important sources of inspiration.  And we will take care of clear communication, documentation and training afterwards.

Interested in flexible working formulas?  
Securex are happy to draw up your labour policy