Large companies

Talent & Career

Career perspective and development opportunities are crucial factors when people need to choose their employers.  You want to build a strong team of reliable, permanent staff members who perform well, right?  Then you must make their development and career priorities.

Securex is ready to help you establish a policy that ensures you get the best out of your staff members.  And that keeps them happy while you do it.

Talent management

Your business is bursting with talent.  It’s good news.  But a great deal of the talent is going to waste.  Because you do not know the exact potential of all your staff members.  And so you don’t have the right training and career trajectories planned out for them. 

Together with you, Securex tracks down the talent in your organisation and matches their career expectations against yours.  So you can keep the high potentials under your roof, performing at the peak of their abilities. 

Competence management

You need people with specific competences to keep your business and your processes turning.  Defining these competences is a first step to strengthening the potential of your work force.  The next step?  Giving your talented employees the chance to grow and acquire new competences.  This is how your company and employees strengthen each other. 

Our role?  With you, we define the function requirements in the light of your strategy and your goals.  And we screen your employees based on their abilities today and tomorrow.

Career management

Do you have a plan for your staff members?  No?  And you still expect them to stay with you long-term?  Career management is an essential part of your HR strategy!

Together with you, Securex builds career paths for your employees.  They take into account the qualities and priorities of your staff members, with their interests and their potential for growth.  And this includes training and coaching.  It goes without saying that they are tuned to your strategy.

Retention management

A high staff turnover is expensive.  And it attacks the motivation of any ‘stayers’.  With every single departing staff member, a little bit of ‘talent’ and a little bit of ‘history’ walks out the doors of your business.  This is why you have to do something about it. 

Our retention strategy?  It combines a thorough audit of the reasons for departure and a sober look at investments in communication and training.  Furthermore, we look into your wage policy.  It’s how we keep your organisation together for longer.

Success management

Retention management or not, sooner or later, people will disappear from your organisation.  They may, for example, retire.  And when it happens, your company loses a great deal of talent, competence and experience.  All at once.  Are you ready to fill the void?

Securex makes your company more able and helps you to keep the wheels turning correctly.