Large companies

Reward Management

It goes without saying: remuneration is an important part of the employer / employee relationship. But remuneration is not the same as wages.  First of all, certain extra-legal benefits are rated more highly than others by your staff members.  With carefully considered management of the whole packet, you fulfil a double goal: satisfied employees and control of your budget.

Auditing your payroll

Do you know exactly what is in your employees’ salaries?  Do you keep an eye on the legal evolutions? Or does your wage policy comprise nothing but a series of short-term decisions?  

Securex performs a thorough audit of your wage policy.  Your staff members receive training and coaching where it’s necessary.  And this means you know where the weak points are in your wage policy and how you can remove them. 

A tailor-made wage policy

We are all too happy to develop a thorough and well thought-out wage policy for your personnel.  We will combine your strategic targets and our knowledge of the law, taking full account of what your staff members want the most: net-wages, company cars, group insurance, laptops and mobile phones, end-of-year bonuses, meal coupons, etc.  It’s how we create a perfect mix.

Curious about the increased value an analytic view can provide your wage policy?  
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