Large companies

Diversity at work

Your personnel do not form a single homogenous group of people.  Just on the basis of their different tasks and their job descriptions, your employees and workers differ from one another.  The age gap and the natural differences between men and women make employees react differently to each other. 

Your challenge?  Having all your individual employees working well together, despite their differences.  And Securex knows just how this is done.

A better view of differences

Every company has its own flashpoints based on diversity.  Together with you, we will look for the explosives and remove the detonators.  Better yet: by closely examining differences and appreciating what they entail, we turn them into benefits.  Because the different views and approaches taken by employees with different backgrounds can be extremely valuable.  At least they can be if you use them to your advantage.

Extensive diversity policy

A diversity policy gives you guidelines on how to point all the noses from your heterogeneous group of staff members in the same direction.  It is a delicate operation.  That’s why your employee participation is essential from the start.

Our approach to your diversity policy always follows these steps:

  • Survey – We measure the climate and hunt down the most important concerns of the different groups;
  • Discussion panel – Together with your staff members, we put the important themes on the table.  We look for conformity in the analysis of the ‘as is’ situation and formulate the ‘to be’ end point.  Even the way to get there is a part of the discussion. 

Would you also like to make a diversity policy that works for your company?
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