Large companies

HR Projects & Strategy

Companies invest a great deal in the comings and in the goings of staff members.  But more than 90% of your personnel find themselves in the area in between.  Which is why you need to invest in them.  Better yet: your current staff members deserve the majority of your attention.

Talent & Career

How do you ensure talented staff members perform to their full potential?  Which future scenarios do you offer them?  How do you set up an interesting career plan that ensures your talent won’t leave the company?  And how do you prepare yourself for the inevitable departure of others? 

Securex is your partner for understanding talent and managing careers

Reward management

Do your staff members earn enough?  Do you pay more or less than your competitors?  How do you optimise your payroll?  And which alternative payment forms are the most valued by employees on the different levels of your organisation? 

Turn to Securex for clever reward management


Do you ever see conflicts arising between the different generations in the workplace?  Does a new wave of recruits threaten to upset your balance?  Are women sufficiently represented?  And how do you approach cultural differences between employees?

Securex draws up diversity policies perfect for your business

Engagement and Leadership

Are your managers also leaders?  Do they know how to motivate and inspire their teams?  Do your people enjoy working with the people above them in the hierarchy?  Do your managers always behave in a manner representative of company values?  And are they ready to navigate the process of change smoothly? 

Build a culture of strong leadership with Securex

Work/Private Life: Balance and Integration

Do your employees succeed in combining their work and private lives to their satisfaction?  What are the key points?  And how can you do something about it?  Is your company ready for flexible working?  Or teleworking? 

Securex helps you find the perfect work balance