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Compensation & Benefits

How do you attract new talent?  How do you reward your staff members for their efforts?  And how do you motivate them to continue along this road?  Your wage policy is undoubtedly one of the best means with for convincing your employees.  But how do you optimise your wage policy and keep your costs under control?

From our years of experience and expertise, we offer the following options:

  • the implementation of a strategic wage policy;
  • the installation of a wage optimisation process;
  • functional analysis of your wage structure in the framework of a retention policy;
  • integration and harmonisation of different salary systems in the lead-up to a merger or acquisition;
  • auditing of your payroll department.

Through their insight into the reality of business and the strategy of your company, our consultants are perfectly placed to make the link between your business strategy and the wage policy.

Every project is led by a Project Coordinator who can always call on the various other experts at Securex.  Whether it is about socio-legal issues, pure Comp&Ben, International Payroll or taxes: Securex has all the specialists under one roof.

All our projects are co-created with our clients.  We do not force any specific methodology on them, but use our tools and approach as a basis or means by which to come to the desired results.  At all times, our methodology is a tool and not a goal.

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