Large companies

Payroll & reward

Your efforts don’t stop the moment that your staff members are recruited.  After that, you need to get everything working to ensure they’re being properly supported.  This is how you help them to perform at an unprecedented level.  And you need this for the proper functioning and continued growth of your company. 

A good understanding begins with proper payrolling.  Wages that are paid on time, that are correct, but also competitive and attractive.  And all that without costing you piles of money.

Guaranteed payroll support

To guarantee fast and flawless payroll, you are best calling on the services of a social secretary. They are the specialists in calculating wages, completing legal declarations and giving you socio-legal support.  Sometimes people forget just how much effort the HR department goes to in the preparation of payroll and wage calculations.  Temporary absences or increased work pressure can throw a spanner in the works at a crucial moment.  Securex can give you temporary or permanent support by making our payroll specialists  available to your company.    They will take over a part or all of your payroll tasks depending on what suits you best.
Would you like to fully outsource your payroll?  Then we have the perfect solution for you with outsouHRce .

The right salary for the right price

From research, we know that wages are not the most important motivation.  Nevertheless, it is crucial that the salary is correct, competitive and that it fully conforms to the strategies and objectives of your organisation.  In this manner, the salary can effectively contribute to an active retention policy.  With our specific approach, we are able to make the link between the company salary and the salary policy.  Our Compensation & Benefits  specialists stand by you, ready to give advice or perform any actions you need.