Large companies

Offer Outplacement to Dismissed Employees

Are you unable to avoid dismissals?  Then let Securex provide you with a variety of resources and outplacement programmes to take as much sting out of the process as possible.


Outplacement is the term for guidance in the search for new work.  Predominantly, this approach includes:

  • psychological and moral guidance;
  • creating a personal balance;
  • analysis and advice for professional reorientation;
  • guidance of the individual candidate;
  • and much, much more.

Mandatory or not

Are you being forced to dismiss an employee who is older than 45?  Then in a number of situations, you are legally required to offer outplacement.  And if you are dismissing a younger employee?  Then outplacement is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

Always interesting

Would you prefer not to spend the money?  You need to realise that outplacement for dismissed employees offers a number of benefits for your company:

  • The meeting with the employee about the dismissal runs more quickly and smoothly.
  • You reduce the risk of conflicts.
  • Your help has a positive impact on the atmosphere and the motivation of the employees who are continuing with your company.
  • Your company gains a positive image, both internally and externally.
  • The costs for outplacement are company costs which are tax deductible. 

So when you need to dismiss employees, don’t hesitate to offer them a guidance formula to help them return to the labour market.  With extensive experience in outplacement, Securex is able to adapt to the needs of every company and every employee.