Large companies

Guide your Employees

An internal restructuring is a critical moment in the career path of all employees involved.  And this is why you need to guide them through it. 

Dismissed employees back to work – quickly!

Do you need to ensure that your employees find a new job on the labour market following a dismissal?  Then Securex will guide you in the procedure with personalised HR advice and full outplacement services.

Thorough reorientation

The career path of your employees is extremely important for the realisation of their professional projects.  And it is also vital for their motivation.  Help them decide on a career plan which is based on their competences.  Then you are sure that you will have them on board – no matter what kind of restructuring you need to perform.  Our experts in HR and Career Management are ready to give you the guidance you need.

Securex: a preferred partner for the guidance of staff members in large companies for each and every career step.