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The problem with having a lot of talented staff members?  They fail to turn their abilities into tangible results.  Or they are forever searching for the niche where they can make a difference.  It frustrates you and it frustrates them.  And it eventually leads to demotivation.  A deadly sin!

Coaching is not training

A coach is not a teacher or instructor who imparts knowledge to your staff.  Coaching is a guidance process by which your staff members are encouraged to formulate answers for themselves.  The coach guides the process by asking the right questions and functioning as a sounding board.

With coaching, your personnel succeed in discovering their pitfalls and seeing the patterns in their own behaviour.  They become aware of their own blind spots and learn how their behaviour influences others.

Coaching following methodology

Coaching helps your talented staff member to flourish.  The Securex coaches are experienced professionals who work to a set method that has already proven fruitful.

  • Preparatory talks – Staff members, coaches fix together with the management the goals and make clear agreement.
  • Coaching = about 5 sessions spread on 6 months.
  • Clear communication – Coach and staff member evaluate the progress and the collaboration.

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