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Development and Learning Centres

In the Securex Development and Learning Centres, your staff member is the centre of attention.  For an individual trajectory, we design a personalised development program.  One which takes into account the function and the career path of the staff member within your organisation.

Offering Perspective

The goal of a Learning Centre?  To ascertain which steps your employees can take to build a career.  And using this as a basis, we are able to provide a Training Programme.  And offer a view to the career paths that are possible within your organisation. 

After benefiting from what the Development and Learning Centre can offer, your employees will be able to:

  • recognise their strengths and weaknesses;
  • recognise their hard and soft skills;
  • take the next steps in their education and development which best fit in with their planned career trajectories.

Securex is the specialist

We tackle your development professionally: 

  • Clear agreements: strict role divisions, open and direct communication, transparent agreements on budget, etc.
  • Smooth process: respect for timing and agreements.
  • Broad experience: hundreds of satisfied clients and employees.
  • Personal approach: attention for your candidate as a person. 
  • Clear reporting: a final verdict which you are able to use.


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