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Our HR projects: result-oriented approach

Do you have a large, complex HR challenge on your hands?  And you don’t have the necessary tools to lead the project?  We are all too happy to take over for you.  And not as external consultants who rule with the dictatorial iron-fist, but as a partner who builds structurally sound HR innovations together with you.

Experts in the HR issues you face

What do we do first and foremost if you take us on board with a challenge?  We look for the Securex specialist for the area!  From our team of more than eight hundred experts, we select the right consultant for your project.  So that from the very word ‘go’, you are talking to the most appropriate person for the job.

We are your HR experts in six different domains:

Iron-clad project management

Taking on your HR projects also means taking over the project management from you.  And for this, we have a clear and proven method:

  1. Defined vision– We define goals, target groups, involved parties, context, timing and internal resources.
  2. Planning – Together, we devise a strict timing schedule with various milestones included.
  3. Analysis – We perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis and put your procedures and available means on the inventory.
  4. Action plan – In your action plan, we establish concrete steps.
  5. Implement the action plan – Our consultants help you implement your new action plan.
  6. Evaluation – To reach sustainable results and to truly change behaviours, regular evaluation and follow-up is necessary.

Conform to our vision

Our view on HR is expressed in our approach to your project.  We always keep our guiding principles in sight:

  • We opt for co-creation involving our consultants, staff members and management team;
  • Staff growth and development are crucial to the success of your project;
  • The unique contribution of every member of the project team results in a stronger product overall;
  • The emphasis on ownership and responsibility guarantees the fast implementation of new processes in practice.

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