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Our HR outsourcing: enrich your team with our specialists

Are you missing a HR specialist in a crucial place in your business?  Temporarily?  Or do you simply not have the opportunity for permanent recruitment for the function?  Turn to Securex for outsourcing.  And enrich your HR team with a driven and experienced expert.

Four benefits of outsourcing

Are you tossing up between an external Securex consultant and a permanent HR specialist? Then we will give you four reasons to choose us:

  1. Continuity – Our consultants are prepared and will have your processes up and running as fast as lightning.  And you don’t lose any time with the long and tiresome recruiting process.  Above all, they stay at their posts as long as you need them;
  2. Flexibility – You can end the tasks of your Securex consultant as quickly as you begin them.  Without working through the maze of employment law concerns and requirements;
  3. Cost efficiency – You know the rate of your consultant from the start.  You know exactly what you are paying.  No hidden costs;
  4. An injection of knowledge – Our consultants are well trained and experienced experts in their areas of expertise.  They give your company an immediate boost of knowledge and leave a great deal of knowledge behind, even after their departure.

HR outsourcing on every level

Do you need a temporary staff member to take part in your processes?  Or would you prefer to review the processes structurally and are looking for external help in the matter?  Our consultants are useful on every level of your business:

  • Operational: when you have urgent need of HR Staff;
  • Project-based: to implement or optimise HR processes;
  • As interim managers: to lead and steer your HR team.

HR outsourcing in six domains

In our extensive pool of permanent consultants, you will find an expert for your project.  These are our most important areas of knowledge and expertise: