Large companies

Securex Training

Stay on top of all developments in Health and Safety laws?  Deepen your knowledge of specific themes?  Securex makes it possible.  We ensure that you can keep track of all changes by informing you, explaining them and illustrating them with practical examples.  This allows you to put them into effect in your company without any delay.  Our practical, targeted training courses keep the happiness and health of your staff members at a maximum. 

Open education

Enrol in our general training: basic education for prevention advisors, Health, Safety and Environment Training (VCA training) for managers, basic education and recycling courses for service providers.

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Tailor-made training

Do you have concrete training needs coming up?  A course on ergonomics that responds to your specific working conditions?  Or a session directed at a handful of teams, focusing squarely on alcohol use and abuse?  We are happy to work with you to design a specific training course. 

Look at what we offer on our online calendar.

In expert hands

All our trainers are experts in their areas: engineers, psychologists, doctors, etc.  They stand with both feet firmly planted in the business world and know the real problems encountered in the workplace.  Your training is therefore always full of practical examples that you can immediately apply to your own work environment. 

Use your training cheques

In order to maintain a competitive and high standard of performance, a number of companies choose to invest in their human capital by allowing their employees to follow various training courses.  But did you know Training Cheques exist which are partially financed by the governments in Wallonia and Flanders? 

Training cheques: "Wallonia”

Do you represent a trade partnership with less than 250 employees?  Is your head office in Wallonia (and outside the German community)?  Are you required to pay VAT?  Yes?  You are able to buy training cheques at Sodexho for 15 euro.  Company managers and working partnerships enrolled with the NOSS as independents are also able to make use of these cheques.   Find out more at

The training cheques have a nominal value of 30 euro and are valid for one hour of training for every employee.  A business can make use of up to 400 cheques every calendar year.  Only one cheque can be used for each enrolment in a training course and the cheques are not able to be used in conjunction with other forms of financial support provided by the government in Wallonia. 

To take advantage of this offer, the employee needs to have a contract with a company with a head office situated in Wallonia.  Furthermore, the training needs to take place within regular working hours and the courses needs to be conducted in Wallonia. 

SME portfolio in Flanders

In Flanders, all SMEs and people who practice independent professions are able to benefit from up to 15,000 euro of subsidies via the SME portfolio.  For training courses, there is a ceiling of 2,500 euro.  This support measure is designed to stimulate education and training, the provision of advice and policy support.  It is available via the user-friendly interactive website

Would you like to make the most of the opportunities offered by this support?  Your company needs to perform an activity and be based in Flanders.  It needs to fulfil rules applying to the Flemish region, and have a legally recognised status.  Non-profit organisations and large companies do not qualify for the subsidies.

In this manner, the Flemish Government subsidises half of the training costs for your staff members.  You pay the remaining 50% yourself.  Would you like to make the most of this offer? Fill in the request form at  You will need a contract and to be enrolled at a recognised training institute before you request the subsidies.  You can submit your request up to fourteen days before the beginning of the training course.   

For more information, you can always contact us by telephone on: 09 282 16 10 or alternatively, via e-mail: