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Sustainable employability: Securex's Vision

If one thing is certain about the future of the employment market, it's that everyone will have to stay in work for longer.  In such times, a healthy and stimulating work environment is a must. The key to well-being in the workplace? Sustainable employability.

What is sustainable employability?

Sustainable employability is the capacity of man and society to respond well to swells in the employment market. This is done by keeping employees energetic and healthy and by appreciating and stimulating talent. Fit and happy workers perform better, raising the bar at your company.

Sustainable employability is a must

The challenges faced by the employment market are many. Think of the ageing population, the increasing scarcity of employable workers and the lure of low-wage countries. By investing in sustainable employability, you are creating a corporate context in which people no longer have to work longer, but want to and can work longer.

Sustainable employability pays

Everybody stands to benefit from sustainable employability:

  • Your employees are healthier and happier, which translates into improved performance.
  • Your company is supported by motivated and committed people. Absenteeism falls and older employees remain effective in their work for longer.
  • Society continues to enjoy affordable welfare.

Sustainable employability: a focus on ability

Sustainable employability entails an interplay between:

  • the ability of your workers - their physical and mental working capacities
  • the agility of your workers - their talent, engagement and resilience

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