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Well-being in the workplace: Securex’s model and approach

In our experience, it is rare that one factor alone will have an impact on the employability of your workers. Well-being in the workplace often comes down to a combination of factors, which is why we advise an integrated approach that draws on the experience of specialists in every aspect of well-being.

Securex has summed up its vision for well-being in the workplace in a unique employability model that can quickly be put into practice with the aid of our Well-being Indicator.

Multidisciplinary model for well-being in the workplace

Securex's Health & Safety model is built around five areas relating to well-being: health, psychosocial, illness, safety and working conditions.

Our experts always take a triangular approach your concerns to do with well-being in the workplace, encompassing medical, technical and behavioural factors.

Well-being: the bigger picture

It's not only individual factors that have an impact on the employability of your team. The organisation of work within your company also plays a role. The solution? Build a bridge between the various aspects of well-being and your HR-related expertise. Tackle this challenge head-on with our Well-Being Indicator.

Well-being Indicator: the integrated approach for well-being in the workplace

The Well-being Indicator creates a quick and clear sketch of how you make long-term improvements with respect to well-being in your workplace.

Four steps to improved well-being in the workplace

The Well-being Indicator makes use of scientifically designed questionnaires. It consists of two phases: a Well-being Audit and a Well-being Plan.

The Well-being Audit proceeds according to the government-approved SOBANE strategy:

  1. Screening – Measure how your employees perceive well-being in the workplace and what they think of your well-being policy, and then identify the issues affecting your organisation.
  2. OBservation – Your Securex expert gets his or her teeth stuck into the issues brought to light by the questionnaire. He or she evaluates your workplace in a targeted manner, with a focus on the areas of safety practices and ergonomics, psychosocial issues and absenteeism, among others.
  3. ANalysis – Under the guidance of Securex, an internal working group analyses your company's issues with respect to well-being in the workplace and proposes practical steps towards improvement.
  4. Expertise – With the assistance of the experts from Securex, your management determines which actions are required most urgently and what their KPIs (key performance indicators) are.

The result of this process is the Well-being Plan.  This represents all the data collected from the Well-being Audit in one comprehensive document. The Well-being Plan is aligned with the needs and preferences of your organisation and is utilised in parallel with your policy plan for well-being in the workplace over the course of four, five or six years.

Improve well-being in the workplace with Securex

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