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Private Life

The Legally Required Workplace Accident Insurance and the Supplementary Insurance have coverage limited to accidents which take place in the workplace or on the way there.  All accidents which take place in the private lives of your employees are without cover.  And as an employee, there is something you can do about this…

The Private Life Accident Insurance is a special high-value extra-legal benefit.  Because you protect your employees and their families against accidents. 

Example of fee calculations

You can choose from two formulas for the calculations of costs:

  • Fees equivalent to those provided for in the (basic) law on workplace accidents.
  • Fees based on the total annual salary.

We will give an example, using the first calculation formula.  Suppose your 40-year-old employee falls down the stairs at home and is subsequently incapable of working.  This employee usually earns 55,000 euro a year (gross). 

Is your employee temporarily unavailable for work (i.e. for a period of 100 days)?

For the first 30 days, the employee receives his guaranteed wage.  The Securex is for the 31st day onwards:

(€ 55,000.00 x 90%) / 365 = € 135.62

In total: € 135.62 x (100 days – 30 days) = € 9,493.40

The contributions made by the regular health insurance are deducted from this payment.  

Is your employee’s ability to work permanently affected?

In this instance, the employee will immediately receive an annuity payment.  For someone who is 40 years old who is left 50% unable to work, this means: 457,066.50 euro (€ 55,000 x 50% x age coefficient 16,6206).

Did your employee die in the accident?

Then the annuity is immediately paid out.  For the spouse of a 40-year-old, this translates to 274,239.90 euro (€ 55,000 x 30% x age coefficient 16,6206).

What about the medical costs?

We pay back the difference between the actual costs and the costs paid back by the regular health insurance provider.  

Would you like to know the results of the calculation based on annual salaries?  There are different combinations possible in this situation, but we are happy to calculate and discuss all the possibilities together with you. 

Ask for a detailed calculation from your Securex advisor