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Legally Required Workplace Accident Insurance

You expect three things from your insurer:

  • A clear policy that covers all accidents, without the fine print;
  • Advice on how to prevent accidents in the workplace and keep your premiums low;
  • Immediate action and quick repayments in the event of incidents. 

At Securex you get all three. So you know for sure that no one falls through the cracks.  Above all, our experts from the External Service for Prevention and Protection and our experts in workplace accidents work closely together to ensure that you can benefit from our integrated service. 

Our approach to your workplace accident insurance:

  • Possible preventative risk analysis and diagnosis of dangers;
  • Advice on prevention, together with your external prevention service;
  • Convenient online tools for the declaration of administrative formalities;
  • Performance of your administrative formalities for you;
  • Payments within three weeks in undisputed cases, even more quickly if you are a client of the Securex Social Secretary;
  • Care and guidance of your staff members during rehabilitation. 

Expand your workplace accident insurance? 
Choose our Supplementary Insurance or Private Life Insurance.