Large companies

Experts in Health & Safety

The Health & Safety team at Securex comprises approximately three hundred specialists in all aspects of well-being. They will work together with you in partnership or co-creation. Simply choose what you'd like us to focus on and to what extent you'd like us to take over the reins. With Securex, there's always a way to fit sustainable employability into your overall plan.

A specialist for every challenge

Do you have questions? Are you looking for help in developing new policy or addressing a specific problem? Securex will put you in contact with the expert best-suited to your particular situation, or we'll put together a multi-disciplinary team for you, containing, among others:

  • occupational physicians and medical assistants
  • ergonomists and engineers
  • psychologists and occupational hygienists
  • health coaches and movement experts

Broad-ranging experience

The approach of our experts is always grounded in two things: the Securex employability model and Well-being Indicator. With these as a basis they then embark upon a creative search for positive and sustainable solutions.

What's more, this approach has already been put into practice by our experts at hundreds of companies like yours. Their experience is adopted by your workers in the form of best practices, which means you're getting the combined knowledge of hundreds of experts!

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