Large companies

Increase the employability of your staff members

In a context where the average age of the employee is climbing ever higher, with a shortage expected in the labour market in the coming years, an integral health policy is one of the most important strategies you need to ensure your staff members will be there beside you in the future. 

An integral health policy contributes to:

  • increased productivity;
  • a reduction in absenteeism;
  • an increase in commitment and motivation;
  • an extension to careers.

Six steps

Fundamental to our approach is the systematic movement through six steps, an approach we fine-tune in collaboration with your organisation:       

1. Vision: understanding and insight into your health policy; support in the organisation; project organisation.

2. Baseline: a health audit with individual and collective results.

3. Goals: delineation of the project and creation of a steering group to respond to the needs highlighted.

4. Action plan: planning, elaboration, communication, resources. 

5. Implementation: follow-up on the realisation and any adjustments which may be necessary.  

6. Evaluation: feedback and ‘lessons learnt’.


This integral health policy in increasingly important for the formation of a proactive and sustainable personnel policy.  Above all, it supports the growth of the positive image of the organisation, profiling it as a caring employer.  Besides all the other benefits, this contributes to the reputation of your company, making it easier to attract talented employees and keep them.