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Provide a thorough psychosocial policy

Psychosocial well-being includes all elements that define the comfort and mood of your staff members.  Of course, you have all these elements under control; however, your staff members’ home situation lies outside your control.  But the negative influence it can have in the workplace?  You can do something about that! 

Measuring well-being

We want to create a positive work-environment at your company.  An environment where your staff members perform to the best of their abilities – and where your company does too.  That’s why we first look at all the factors which might make this difficult.  And we look at exactly where things are going wrong.  How do we do this?  With the unique, pioneering tools and instruments we have developed especially for these tasks. 

Active in five areas

Securex is not a crisis manager.  We don’t believe in short-term solutions for specific problems.  We resolutely choose to use an integrated approach that permanently changes your views on factors which can influence the well-being of your employees and promotes the well-being of your staff members for the long-term.  Because happy employees perform at the very highest standard.          

Psychosocial well-being will not come about of its own accord.  It is closely related to safety, health, illness, absenteeism and workplace circumstances and conditions.  And so our solutions always work within this spacious framework. 

Securex specifically looks into five important psychosocial areas:

  • inappropriate behaviour
  • post-traumatic stress
  • alcohol and drugs
  • stress
  • smoking

Risk inventory: we measure it so you know about it

Securex is on the lookout for anything which may be going wrong with your staff members.  As well as everything which is going right.  Because these things are just as important.  Our risk-inventory and evaluation (RIE) gauges the workplace conditions and the content of the work.  Including labour conditions and relationships on the work floor.  This enables you to ensure legal requirements are fulfilled, send a positive signal to your employees and make use of a powerful instrument to increase the health, safety and well-being in your company. 

Put the psychosocial well-being of your employees in our capable hands. 
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