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External Prevention Service

As a minimum, you are legally required to fulfil the strict demands set by Health & Safety legislation.  This is hardly a problem; after all, you want your staff members to stay healthy.  And you want them to be able to perform in a risk-free work environment.  And this is what the legal obligations strive to provide.

Securex increases the well-being in your workplace.  Because our specialists bring risks to light and provide the tools and instruments necessary to protect your employees.  As a means of ensuring maximum employability.  And ensuring they provide the optimal contribution for your company. 

  • Preventative medical checks – As your External Prevention Service, we provide the prevention checks necessary to ensure the health of your staff members.  We prefer to go a step further, formulating recommendations which increase the health, safety and general well-being of your employees.
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  • Focus on psychosocial well-being – Dozens of factors influence the well-being of your staff-members in the workplace: inappropriate behaviour, alcohol and drugs, stress, smoking, traumatic experience - and the list goes on...  Together with you, Securex investigates the risks and eliminates them in a manner that is easily sustainable, if not permanent, through our integral approach.  It is certain to open your eyes to the psychosocial factors present in your workplace.
    Put the focus on psycho-social well-being
  • No risks with technical controls – The workplace conditions and circumstances of your employees are an absolute priority.  Our ergonomists, industrial doctors and safety specialists make an inventory of the risks and help to keep them under control or permanently remove them. 
    Make your workplace safer with Securex’s technical controls

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