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Your absence policy in six steps

Your most important weapon in the reduction of absenteeism is not medical checks.  They are useful because they point to false absences.  But they do not tackle the problems causing absenteeism.  A thorough absence policy will do just that.  It investigates the causes of absenteeism and removes them.  And you can guess what follows: employees who have no reason to avoid work, won’t avoid it. 

Your absence policy in six steps

A carefully drawn-up absence policy forms the basis of all your actions against false absences.  Securex guides you through the entire process and adjusts the new approach to suit your organisation.

  • Step 1: survey - examine the current status and determine your needs
  • Step 2: determination of vision - set up your policy
  • Step 3: procedure - convert your work method in guidelines
  • Step 4: action plan - define tailor-made measures
  • Step 5: implementation - organize your actions
  • Step 6: monitoring & assessment - corrective actions, where needed

Consultants who understand

Our absenteeism specialists study absenteeism and absence figures at different companies in all sorts of business sectors.  They know the most common causes of absenteeism perfectly well and bring to light the problems specific to your workplace. 

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