Large companies

Tackle absenteeism in your company by taking a positive approach.

Absent employees cost money.  And so it’s only logical that you would want to reduce absenteeism.  But how do you do that?  And how can you be sure that your approach will have any real effect?  Securex has the advice you are looking for. 

A vigorous policy to encourage attendance

Our many years of experience in illness and absenteeism have made us specialists in the field.  We deliver detailed statistics of your company absences, interpret them and respond with an action plan that actually works.  Our approach looks into the causes of the absenteeism and eliminates them.  The result: your company is always operating at full power.  And your staff members once again feel happy and comfortable at work.  Furthermore, the workers who do not abuse the absence policy receive a positive message and clear appreciation for their efforts. 

Consultants with added value

Our consultants are experts who have already proven their ability with dozens of clients.  They enter into your company culture, communicate quickly with all the parties involved and set to work in a pragmatic manner: your staff members, your absence figures and your company performance are central to their work.  Moreover, they will stand by you in every phase of your fight against absenteeism: with advice, training and guidance, as well as specialised resources. 

Draw up your absenteeism policy in six steps

Medical control of absences

You want your sick staff members to recuperate.  But not every absent employee is staying home.  And these false absences cost you a great deal.  Tackle them with targeted and efficient medical checks.  They fit in perfectly with a sensible approach to absenteeism.  And of course, you can rely on Securex to make the planning and organisation as simple as it could be. 

Plan your medical checks with Securex