Securex and its network of local partners help you with your international HR management

For many businesses, setting their sights abroad is synonymous with a dream coming true. For others, it is a daily reality.

As well as the commercial challenges that a different market represents, doing business in several countries also involves challenges in terms of HR management.

As part of what’s known as cross-country HR management, it is advisable to aim for a global HR policy, at the same time, however, taking into account the local legislation and customs of each particular country. If you already have sites abroad or you are considering starting up a new activity, it is wise to consult the relevant specialists.

Fulfilling all your obligations

Not only do local rules differ from one country to another, they are also often complex and continually subject to change. So, it is important to retain an overview and make sure you are fulfilling all your obligations.

Therefore, being able to rely on an expert who is familiar with the local markets and its regulations is not a luxury. That specialist can guide you through the differences between countries as well as take into account the context in which your company works and ensure you receive the necessary documents and information in a language that you understand.

Global + local

Securex can assist you with this complex subject area. We provide the necessary global follow-up for you and combine that service with local expertise.

On the one hand, we have subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Luxembourg and, on the other, we work with strong partners who provide quality services in close cooperation with us in other countries. All in all at present, Securex guarantees an impeccable service in more than 20 European countries.
Those partners have been carefully selected based on their local expertise in HR and payroll, their concern for the quality of the service, their working methods, their control and compliance procedures, and their strong position on the local market. Their portfolio of international clients, their focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and the fact that they have employees and colleagues who work specifically with that type of client are yet further assets of our partners.

In each country, the same service

We guarantee for the client the same content and quality of service in each country. The whole of the payroll process runs in the same way, we work on the basis of clear agreements and ensure fast communication with a direct contact. We also apply on an international scale the same approach that you are accustomed to from Securex.

Global reporting

Finally, we do not lose sight of the global view. A central database gives you access to the data of all your workers in the different countries and you have the option of combining global reports with it.

Today, we are helping many businesses to draw up their global monthly reports. We ensure that those reports can be consulted everywhere in the same way and instantly, and that the information content is the same across all countries.