International HR Reporting

Of course, international payroll is an important factor not only in the field of services but also in international reporting.

You operate in different countries and are satisfied with the service provided by each country.

The payroll is managed correctly, the payments are made on time and, if there are any questions, you are assisted in time and in an agreeable way.

However, you notice that your HR department is still wasting a lot of time consolidating the different data from the various countries. With the legislation being different in each country, as are the payroll methods, you receive different documents for each country and have to rework them in order to achieve a global report.

At the same time, your management is pushing you to submit them increasingly detailed and increasingly cross-border reports and to do so at an ever-faster pace.

We offer a solution in the form of our international HR reporting tool: HRonline International. This online tool gathers together all the local data and processes it into a single global cross-border report.

You can generate reports based on master data, calculated wages or even use our report designer.

Flexible solution

Via a specific report, the data exchanger ensures that we can read the data from our partner countries. OR even from your own local payroll services provider (in a non-SECUREX country).