Put your international payroll in safe hands

Payroll management is a big challenge for any business that’s expanding internationally: because the payment of wages and salaries always has to comply with the legislation of each country.

With Securex, you have a single contact partner who works in cooperation with experts in each country in which you are operating.

If you have any questions, doubts or plans, your single contact at Securex assists you, step by step, with your international expansion, with setting up in a new country and even with the mobility of your employees among your various subsidiaries.

In this way, you improve the efficiency of your international payroll, no longer waste time with complex administrative procedures and red tape, and can be confident that the payroll management is being carried out accurately, regardless of the country or employee concerned.

Our assets for an efficient international payroll

Securex has a huge network of local experts at its disposal. They can answer your questions, day after day, and keep you informed of legislative changes. Legal experts, lawyers and tax specialists are available to you thanks to the partners that Securex gathers together in each market where your business has a presence.

Mobility is a big problem for businesses that are expanding beyond their national borders. Are some employees working in two different countries at the same time? Is an employee leaving for an assignment abroad for a few months? Our experts in cross-border employment) are ready to help you out.

Having a presence in several different countries also entails the obligation to spend time collecting data in order to pursue an effective HR policy. Securex provides you with a solution through integrated reporting, which helps you to make the right decisions on the basis of reliable and objective data and indicators.