Starting up abroad, a challenge for human resources

Your business wants to look beyond its own national borders and is considering starting up internationally with its first employee there.

We provide our services in more than 15 European countries in order to assist you from the moment you begin considering recruiting a member of staff abroad.

  • Do you have to set up a company? Or can you already employ personnel by means of simple registration? Which is the least cumbersome form of registering if formal registration is necessary?
  • What are the differences compared to my own country?
  • What about the contract of employment?
  • What are the compulsory insurances?
  • Which employee benefits and rewards are commonly granted in the country abroad (luncheon vouchers, hospitalisation insurance)?

We help you with your search for information and support you with all the rest and much more besides. Just as for your payroll, you can go through the international Hub or contact our office or partner abroad directly.