Tax & Legal: your partner for international mobility in your business

As soon as a business expands at international level, there is a need to juggle continuously with different legislations and industrial relations and employment regulations, specific to each country where it has set up. Securex helps you to manage the international mobility of your employees and to answer the questions that you’re unsure of.

Example: Belgian employees are going to carry out an assignment abroad or foreign employees are coming to settle in Belgium. What rules apply? In partnership with specialist offices abroad or with other Securex entities, based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in France and in the Netherlands, Securex supports and advises you.

What services do we provide as regards international mobility of workers?

  • Legal analyses in the field of labour law, tax law and employment law, case by case (with a view to recruitment or in the context of reviewing the status of a staff member)
  • On this basis, assistance with defining the pay package (simulations) and/or drawing up the contract of employment (salary split, secondment, executive abroad, etc.)
  • And, if necessary, support with putting in place the processing of salaries
    • preparation of a table with the annual pay (salary split / executives abroad / secondments) – on request, an update (start-year payroll, mid-year payroll, year-end payroll);
    • organisation of the payroll in cooperation with our colleagues, while complying with Belgian and international legislation;
  • Preparation of Belgian tax returns for residents / non-residents counterpart abroad (declarations of income received abroad in the country of residence).
  • Assistance with various administrative formalities (form A1, work permit, documents for applying for the status of executive abroad, etc.)