Four ways to work together

As an international business, you don’t always have the same number of employees in each country.

So, it’s possible for you to have a few hundred people in your business in the Netherlands and France, but only ten or so in Luxembourg and Spain.

Or perhaps you work in different ways to process the payroll.

Do you work from a central HR department for several countries?

Do you have a local HR manager who takes care of the payroll and HR at local level?

SECUREX offers you 4 communication options for supervising your payroll in the best way according to the most suitable configuration for you.

Customer Branch – Securex Branch/partner


The French subsidiary of your business employs forty or so people, including one employee who handles the French payroll part time. He has always worked in payroll and therefore has enough knowledge. You decide to work directly with the local Securex office for the French payroll.

Customer Branch – Securex Int Hub

Your subsidiary abroad cooperates directly with our international Hub.


That same French subsidiary also has to supervise several salesmen in Spain. Unfortunately, the payroll manager is not familiar with the Spanish payroll.

You decide to work with the international Hub because of its knowledge of the Spanish payroll and the option of communicating in the language of your employee.

Customer HQ – Securex Int Hub

As the central manager of the payroll abroad for your business, you work together with our international Hub. They take care of communication with our offices and/or partners abroad.

Customer HQ – Securex Branch/partner

You have direct contacts with our offices and/or partners abroad, with no involvement of the international Hub.

You choose the solution that suits you best, and the most flexible one too.