A whole range of international HR services

Whether you’re a rapidly growing SME or an already well-established multinational, expanding abroad often requires additional HR services to enable you to devise an HR policy that is ambitious and consistent and that is implemented properly in each country where your business is based.

Securex offers you a huge range of international HR services that can meet all your needs at international level:

  • The Securex HUB set up in Belgium provides you access to an international network of specialists able to answer any questions about the country in which you are based. Those specialists also keep you informed of changes in employment legislation in the countries that concern you.
  • Do you want to start up in a new country? Securex gathers together all the necessary information for you: legal form of the subsidiary, types of employment contracts, employee benefits and rewards, etc. Result: less energy wasted gathering information, more time to dedicate to your business activity.
  • There is no standard model of international expansion: each business has its own obligations, its specific characteristics and its objectives. That’s why Securex offers you four different models of cooperation depending on your needs.
  • Contracts of employment, pay packages, social security ... All these parameters soon become complex when a business is operating in two or more countries. The Tax & Legal department of Securex assists you with those matters that are often complex but that also help generally to make your business more competitive.