Reporting for HR management at international level

The tools that Securex makes available to you enable you to create three types of reports: master data reports, calculated wages and InteHRnational Report designer.

  • Master data reports: a standard set of reports that can be created for several different countries, with the option of adapting them depending on the needs and preferences of each one. You can, however, also store them and export them to other applications such as MS Excel in order to continue processing the data or combine them with other data files.

    A few examples: FTE reports, cost centre reports, statistics on age, lists of names and addresses, overview of salaries.

    For each report, several different forms of visual display are available (table, tree and graph).

  • Calculated wages: separate module that allows you to load information on the calculated wages of all the countries into HRonline and to extract cross-border reports from it. To do this, the different salary components are separated according to generic salary headings so that, despite the many local differences, we can offer reports that give a clear view of the salary costs in the different regions.

  • InteHRnational Report designer: another additional module which, when you need very specific or complex reports, allows you to draw up your own, completely tailor-made international reports.