Reward your employees with warrants


Reward your employees with warrants

Your employees are always giving the best of themselves. It goes without saying that you want to reward them for all their hard work and effort. But do you also want to keep your labour costs within reasonable limits? And at the same time pay out a higher net amount to your employees? Then choose warrants!

Investment instrument

The warrant is a financial instrument which entitles the holder to buy shares for a fixed period at an agreed price. The warrant holder can sell the investment product before the expiry date in exchange for a net benefit.

Advantageous alternative

Warrants offer a whole series of financial and practical benefits because the allocation results in a benefit in kind. And under certain conditions this is exempted from social security contributions for both employer and employee. Find out what your profit is with a specific example.

Expert support

Securex is the perfect partner to optimise your labour costs. Moreover, we take care of everything, from A to Z.

Do you want to know how much you save or gain by using warrants?

Then quickly calculate your advantage as well as your employees' by means of our simulation tool!