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Whitepapers keep you informed about HR trends

Provide you with optimal assistance?  It’s only possible if we know what is going.  And with the scientific research we perform ourselves, we always have our finger on the pulse of the business world.  We look into HR themes such as motivation, employee satisfaction, stress, absenteeism and staff trajectory.  Or in other words, the areas you find yourself looking at on a daily basis.

What is a Service Researcher?  It’s the title given to our experts and experienced intellects from across the academic world.  Together they analyse and interpret great amounts of data for you.  The information comes from:

  • our annual (inter)national benchmark studies;
  • our medical control service;
  • our social secretary;
  • our External Service for Workplace Prevention and Protection.

We put the results of the study into crisp, reader-friendly whitepapers for you.  Results are shown in figures and in graphs.  And you are able to read advice and points of action relating directly to businesses like yours.  It’s how we work together to optimise your human capital.

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You always want to be up to date with the trends in Human Resources.  And to help you, we have made our five most recent whitepapers available for your reading pleasure!

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