Group Securex

Benchmark studies show where you stand

The optimal management of your human capital is simply not possible if you do not know what your employees are experiencing.  Something Securex handles with their benchmark studies.  It’s where we question staff members who are employed in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.  And you can see the results.  It’s very convenient, because:

  • you can easily compare your employee studies with our results;
  • you receive a clear image of how the employee feels;
  • you discover trends and developments in the labour market.

You will immediately know whether your HR policy is functioning correctly.  And which points need to be addressed for you to do better.

Your guarantee for accurate, recent figures

The Securex benchmark studies guarantee you valid, reliable results.  Because we are supported by scientists from the academic world.  And have representative test samples from which the results are gathered.  We do this by selecting respondents based on their age, gender, social status and place of work.  You receive a clear view of their workplace thoughts on subjects such as:

  • stress;
  • motivation;
  • leadership;
  • satisfaction;
  • involvement;
  • psycho-social well-being. 

The figures we share with you are, of course, fully up to date.  How?  We do a benchmark study in Belgium every year.  And in the Netherlands and France every two years.