Group Securex

HR Research: a source of knowledge

The HR world never stands still.  If we want to guarantee accuracy in our services, we need to keep up to date with the newest trends.  And that’s exactly what we do.  Because within Securex, we have our own competence centre: HR Research. The heart of our organisation, it is where we make high quality studies into developments in HR.  Our research is founded on data from our social secretary and the results of our representative enquiries in the field.  Your guarantee for valid and reliable results.

Professional research, useful recommendations

Strong together: a vision that is paramount at Securex.  To provide you with correct research results, we work together with external work psychologists, statisticians, academics and HR consultants.  Furthermore, we are advised by our Advisory Board, which includes academic professors and HR experts.  It enables us to bridge the gap between basic research in the academic world and concrete Research & Development in the business world.  And to provide recommendations which truly allow you to get to work.

HR Research makes us an even better partner for you.  Because the competence centre helps:

  • support our business activities;
  • develop our new products and services;
  • in legitimising Securex as an important player in HR debates.