Group Securex

Securex: Our vision

Securex is an asset to you and your people. We want to be there for you and your staff members.  And offer you an extended service package.

Securex: a trump card for you and your staff members

You can come to us for any and every aspect of your HR policy.  Whether you are a self-employed, the business manager of an SME, or in charge of a multi-national.  Whether you work as a bookkeeper, accountant or broker.  We are happy to search for the answers to all HR questions: whether they come from you or your clients.  So you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Your staff members can be sure we will follow up on all their HR matters correctly.  They can feel certain that we are highly committed to the best possible management of your human capital.  The result?  They feel comfortable with you and perform at an optimal level.

Extensive service package under one roof

You’ve chosen Securex?  Then you have one single partner for all aspects of your HR policy.  Because we offer you an integrated view on human resources under four competence centres.

HR Services
This is where we take care of all staff administration and income calculations. This includes our Social Secretariat, Child Benefit Fund, Social Insurance Fund and our One Stop Business Shops.

  • Health & Safety
    Where we take care of Workplace Health and Safety.  This includes our heath fund, our services for Medical Monitoring and Workplace Accidents.
  • HR Consulting
    The place to focus on the development of your staff members’ talents.  Based on scientific studies, our services here include providing advice about recruitment, training and outplacement.
  • HR Insurance
    Insurance for incomes?  This is the place to be.  Among others, we provide services for pension insurance, disability insurance and guaranteed incomes.