Group Securex

Securex' history

Did you know that Securex was founded 111 years ago? From a humble mutual insurance company, we have grown into a multi-dimensional HR service provider.  Always on hand to help YOU.


The milestones in Securex' history:

From the textile sector to all sectors
Our organisation was established in 1905 as a mutual insurance company. The goal? To cover and protect workers in the textile sector against industrial accidents, which was a highly successful activity that continued to grow.  When the National Social Security Office (RSZ/ONSS) was established in 1946, it was time to take the next step. We started our payroll processing company, Secretex, and our health insurance fund, Muttex. From that point on, we have been helping clients in all sectors.

1905 On the initiative of the Ghent textile industry (employers of the textile industry in Ghent), Charles Christophe creates the Caisse Commune Insurance against accidents at work, a mutual association chiefly targeting textile industry workers and which was composed following the Act of 24 December 1903 on industrial accidents.
1928 Establishment of the Family Allowances fund.
1945 Establishment of the Secretex payroll processing company and the Muttex health insurance fund, following the establishment of the National Social Security Office.
1958 Establishment of the "IT division".
1960 Establishment of the Dienst voor Medische Controle op het Absenteïsme/ Service de Contrôle Médical de l’Absentéisme (Service for Medical Monitoring).

Local and foreign offices
In 1963, we renamed our organisation ‘Securex’. A great sounding name that was growing strongly across Belgium. To provide our clients with an optimal service, we established offices all over Belgium. And across the borders.

1963 The name 'Securex' is launched.
1965 At the Ministry of Labour and Employment's request, Securex contributed to the text of the Belgian Royal decree that introduced Occupational medicine to Belgium. It was therefore logical that Securex had a head-start launching its Occupational medicine department.    
1968 Securex takes over the Social Insurance fund ‘Integrity’.
1970 The seventies were characterised by a large-scale decentralisation exercise through internal and external growth (Aalst, Kortrijk, Verviers, Brussels, Mons, Namur, Eupen,…).This continued in the eighties and nineties (Antwerpen, Hasselt, Drongen, Bruges, Liège, Mouscron, Koksijde, Wavre, Charleroi, Tournai).
1972 First steps outside of Belgium
Securex expands its services, adapts them to French social-security laws and establishes a branch in Lille.
1981 Establishment of the Vereniging voor Onderlinge Verzekering Securex Leven/ Association d’Assurance Mutuelle Securex Vie, in response to the laws on the Vrij Aanvullend Pensioen voor Zelfstandigen/Pension Libre Complémentaire pour Indépendants (Free Complementary Pension for Self-employed).
1996 Creation of Social Management.

Experts in human capital
At the start of the new millennium, Securex profiled itself even more as an expert in human capital.   We did this through the acquisition of the HR consultancy companies GHR Management (2003) and hraccent (2004). We now offer our clients an extensive package of services that assist them with all aspects of their HR policy.

2000 First e-business tools and new office in Leuven.
2002 Securex strengthens its presence in Belgium and expands its presence in France. Securex innovates with Certipost and establishes the very first virtual counter in Belgium, ‘e-starter’, the precursor of the Business Counter.
2003 Establishment of the ‘go-Start’ Business Counter (One-Stop-Shop). Take-over of GRH Management, making Human Resources Consultancy one of the Group's core activities. Securex opens an office in Oudenarde.
2004 Take-over of hraccent, which allows the Group to provide all-in solutions, ranging from Human Resources management to payroll administration. Securex also launches its activities in Luxembourg.
2005 Establishment of the Stichting Securex/Fondation Securex (Securex Foundation). The Securex Foundation encourages social projects which offer help and support for the (re-)integration of people on the labour market. In this way we make our skills available to others.
2006 Securex launches its activities in the Netherlands.
2007 Development of the new structure and the new Group's corporate image. Integration of the non-profit association Progecov (External Occupational health service of Oost-Vlaanderen) and opening of a new office in Sint-Niklaas.
2008 Securex merges its activities in Luxembourg with the “payroll” activities of Alter Domus Luxembourg.
2009 Securex opens a new office in Roeselare and in the autumn of 2009 plans the opening of a new office in Brussels-Merode. Securex starts building a new head office in Brussels, repositions its brand and adds the base line ‘human capital matters’ to its logo.
2010 Our head office in Brussels moves from Evere to Etterbeek.
2011 Securex opens 2 branches: Mechelen.
2013 Securex is awarded the Career planning label. In co-operation with the VDAB (Flemish Public Employment Service), the Flemish government took the initiative to allow all citizens (in Flanders only) to put his or her career on hold with the help of a professional coach. Securex is VDAB certified and can accept training cheques.
2014 Securex opens an office in the Netherlands (Nieuwegein near Utrecht) to carry out payroll activities for Dutch and international clients.
2015 Securex opens a new office in France (Nantes) and in Hauts-Sarts near Liège a 2nd office is opened targeting Start-ups.