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Awards and certificates

Recognition for our work in the form of prizes and certificates

The know-how and engagement of our employees is rewarded in the form of various awards, accreditations and other certifications, which we are proud to publish here.
In this way we show our thanks for the organisations, federations, groups and other connections that have led to these achievements.


Compensation & Benefits Award (2015)

Securex owes this award to the successful cafeteria plan adopted by the company and for which, in three years’ time, about a third of the workers have signed up. The implementation of new work methods (no more time-clocks, no more fixed office hours) and the fact that the resources saved thanks to the reduction of m2 of office space, have been reinvested at once and directly in communication technology also contributed to this.


Fleet Mobility manager of the Year (2015)

Tim Blanckaert is the very first Fleet Mobility Manager of the year, not only due to Securex’ fleet management but also its strong mobility strategy.


Fit for the Future (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, ...)

Award conferred by the organization Forum for the Future (organization of professional book-keepers and accountants). Securex has already won the award "Best payroll processor - social secretariat” 6 times. In 2015 as well, we are listed among the nominees.


Alter FoHRum award (2013)

At the 2013 Peoplesphere HRM Night, Securex obtained the Alter FoHRum-award for his CSR actions during the past year. The jury praised primarily the local approach, and the keen interest in the human being and in society. With the local employment cell of Etterbeek, Securex reserved, in 2012, three “trainee posts” for underprivileged people of the Etterbeek municipality, in view of their reintegration in the labour market.


Recognition in 2013 of 10 years as a business counter

In 2013, Securex's go-Start business counter is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Business counters for independents and companies were introduced in 2003 with the goal of simplifying their administrative obligations. Over the years, business counters began to take on more and more duties and competencies. Since 30 June 2009, business counters are effectively the 'only service' in the context of the European 'Services Directive'. This means that, since then, both Belgian and foreign enterprises have been able to turn to their business counter for registration requests, connections and permits (on a federal, regional or local level). This includes requests for approval of transport as well as SABAM declarations and many other matters. On top of all this, Securex provides tailored advice to new the newly self-employed, but also to the more experienced self-employed. More information


Health and Enterprise (2012)

In 2012, Securex won the Health and Enterprise prize for his project “Study of risk factors for neck and shoulder complaints by computer screen workers». Each year, the Belgian department of the European health club (department of the European public health alliance) grants the «Health and Enterprise» prize, in collaboration with the “Algemene Directie Humanisering van de arbeid” (General Management Humanization of Work) and the Belgische Beroepsvereniging voor Arbeidsgeneesheren (Belgian professional association of industrial doctors). This award recompenses research and realizations in the field of health prevention in a professional environment.


Mobile company (2012)

The city of Ghent granted Securex the trophy  “Mobile Company” as Securex is the Ghent area company which has taken, in 2012, the highest number of practical actions to encourage co-workers to leave their car at home and look for alternatives (bike, public conveyance season tickets, home working, etc.).



Securex owner of quality label ISAE 3402 type II since 2006

Since 2006, Securex has received the ISAE 3402 type II quality label (the former SAS 70) from the auditing firm Deloitte. ISAE stands for: “The International Standard for Assurance Engagements”. This label guarantees the efficiency and reliability of the pay and post pay processes of a payroll processor and was awarded to us by the independent auditing firm Deloitte. This certification primarily recognizes the effectiveness of controls and the proper risk management policies. In our case, it attests above all to the sustainability of the professionalism, the competence and the talent of all the employees at Securex. Qualities that enable us to enhance the satisfaction of our customers, for all aspects relating to the service of Securex’ Social Secretariat.


0% margin of error at the Social Security Office (RSZ/ONSS)

Securex is still at the top of the pile when it comes to multifunctional declarations! Figures released by the Social Security Office reveal that Securex has consistently achieved a margin of error of 0% in recent years, even with approximately a quarter of a million declarations being made each quarter.




  • HR Manager of the Year - Trends (2015): nominatie van David Ducheyne, Chief People Officer Securex
  • HR Excellence awards (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012): nominatie als beste sociaal secretariaat
  • HR Ambassador - D.E.N.K.-HR (2013): nominatie van David Ducheyne, CPO Securex
  • HR Manager van het jaar - Peoplesphere (2013): nominatie van David Ducheyne, CPO Securex
  • Pionier in HR Communicatie (2012): Securex behaalde de 2de plaats in het klassement van de “Pioniers in HR-Communicatie” dankzij zijn HR Business Game, opgestart in 2011. Bovendien haalt de HR-dienstenverlener de 6de plaats in hetzelfde klassement dankzij zijn employer branding campagne ‘Ik ben er’ en ‘Ik ben er voor 2’.



Investors in People

nvestors in People is a label granted by the International Centre of Quality. This independent organization checks the extent to which a given company focuses on staff development. Because, according to the jury, this focus is THE key to make progress within a company and to reach your goals. In 2013, Securex obtained this certificate for the second time, for duration of 3 years, viz. until 2016.

Investors in People

ISO 9001

The Securex’ External Prevention and Protection Service at Work bears the ISO 9001 certificate. This certificate covers the services and advice given by the External Prevention and Protection Service of Securex in the areas of health monitoring, risk management and trainings linked to the 'well-being of the workers during the execution of their work’.

Career cheques

The Flemish authorities, together with the VDAB, took the initiative to enable almost all citizens, to stand still for a while to overlook their career, with the help from a professional coach. Securex is certified by the VDAB and is entitled to accept these career cheques. Our experimented coaches accompany the people in their quest.