Group Securex

About Securex

Securex specialises in human resources. It offers companies advice on everything to do with the world of work. Do you need a helping hand on the path to success? Whatever your goal, you can rely on Securex every step of the way. We have services tailored to suit every kind of business:

  • starters
  • established self-employed
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • multinationals either with branches in Belgium or seeking international solutions
  • municipal administrations, OCMW, local police forces, fire brigade services...
  • accountants, specialist accountants or tax consultants
  • insurance brokers

See our annual report for a detailed overview of our activities.

Our mission and vision

Securex makes a passionate commitment to its own future and to that of your organisation or company. How do we do this? By putting our mission and vision into practice and always remaining true to our business values.

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As a ‘conversation company’ Securex is active on various social media sites.

Information for everyone

Securex regularly works together with the media and professional organisations in order to share the knowledge, experience, understanding and expertise it has gained over the years.

A lot of this useful information is available online.

Facts and figures

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Recognition for our work

Our knowledge of business and the commitment of our employees has been rewarded with many different trophies, certificates and other prizes. This means a lot to us.

History of the group

Securex's HR service is built upon a hundred years of experience, knowledge and expertise. Each and every achievement to date is a reason why you can count on us. Making your life easier is our job.